Things to do and visit

With plenty to do you are set to have a great experience at Dumbe Chalets. From mild to wild activities to outright pure relaxation, Dumbe offers a great getaway experience.

Bike & 4x4 trails

Quad and 4x4 enthusiasts are always welcome, with many two-wheel trails of varying levels of conditioning you are set for adventure.

Fly Fishing Sterkfontein Dam

Sterkfontein Dam situated about 20KM from Dumbe Chalets offers great fly and sight fishing opportunities. With a huge body of water spanning 16KM you are set to experience Sterkies and its stunning views of surrounding area.

Hiking trails onsite

Hiking trails are the best way to experience Dumbe and the Drakensberg scenery, one of the Kwazulu Natal's most popular hiking destinations. Find your route.

Rock Art

Bushmen survived in the Drakensberg, Kwazulu Natal for thousands of years where they lived a simple stone age, hunter-gatherer existence. These small people lived off the land collecting berries, roots and honey and hunting game. They depicted their live style by creating art on rock faces leaving behind a stunning overview of what was important to them.


Hlalanathi - 9 hole golf course located at Hlalanathi Resort, 8 km's from our entrance.
Harrismith - 18 hole golfcourse located at Harrismith 50km's away.
Clarence - 18 hole golfcourse aprox 80 km's away, an additional 9 holes recently constructed
Champagne Sports Resort - 18 hole championship golfcourse located aprox 80 km's away

Kaal Voet Vrou Monument

The Voortrekkers were renowned for their free spirit of independence. Retief’s Klip is where Piet Retief’s group of Voortrekkers traveled the Drakensberg and entered Natal on 14th December 1837. Known as Kaalvoet Vrou, this monument is in memory of Susanna Smit, sister of Gert Maritz, who said that she would rather travel barefoot away from natal that was under British rule.

Mountain Biking

Solly`s Folly created a new and alternative route that extends 10 kilometers down the Drakensburg drop with magical new trails through Ali`s avenue until you reach Nondela`s estate below the valley. A must for any mountain biker!